Another 1954 Chevrolet Pick Up I built a few years ago. this truck was also featured in the July 2010 issue of Street Trucks. Just a clean all around cruiser. Custom notch in the bed to accommodate the rear end. Air Ride. We added modified Cadillac Bumperette’s to the rear bumper to add some much needed flare.

Damn.  I mean, my word that is sexy.

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I haven’t forgotten about the VIDEO AMA!!

I’ve just been very busy!  I will record and upload it very soon!

On the bright side — there’s still more time for more questions!

Anonymous said: What's with the 4" ruler? Is there something I'm missing?

It’s just a little joke.

Anyone who gets it wins a delicious vegan soy fair trade cookie.*

*If you purchase said vegan soy fair trade cookie from the store.


Due to all the questions and posts about feet, Tumblr keeps suggesting foot fetish Tumblrs to follow! :)

Anonymous said: Did you ever sign the 4 inch ruler at Ai-Kon?

I sure did.

Anonymous said: All Richard meme...

Okay, so just so I’m clear … How do I feel about all Richard Memes that are posted on here?  The ones that make fun of me?

Anonymous said: What do you think about the Richard meme?

Which Richard Meme?

(Just so I answer your question properly on the Video AMA!)



Let’s do a VIDEO AMA!!!!


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Great questions so far for today’s Video AMA!

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