Anonymous said: Any plans for Labor Day?

Just a spot of hard labour.  You know - the traditional celebration.

Anonymous said: Lol, just heard the best euphemism for a small penis: "It's like a bird's egg in a nest."

Haha! I’m going to have to use that one!

Anonymous said: Do you think curvy women are sexy?

I think all women are sexy!

Although, for what it’s worth, what’s really important is not what others think is sexy, it’s whether you feel sexy.  Feeling sexy makes a person sexy.

Anonymous said: You. You're thee inuyasha voice actor. I was in love with him since I was a preteen (25 now) I'm so thankful for u! (T∇T)ノ

Nice to meet you!

inuyashastandboy said: Will you be doing another meet and greet in Toronto soon?

I hope so, but there’s nothing on the immediate horizon.

Oops …

Anonymous said: Does your wife have pretty feet?

The prettiest.

sangoslayer said: What's your favorite part about voice acting? And I love your work

Playing with friends.

sassomaru said: Pie

I love … pie.