Anonymous asked: I was just almost assaulted and you know what sucks is i can't even defend myself i am thinking about moving out it is the only way i can be safe from this raged lunatic who thinks its ok to beat up someone and then lie about right when the person saw what happened and then the person that lied says the other person beat them up but if you saw that the person who can't defend defend themselves do nothing when the crazy person attacked the helpless person what would you do ?

Perhaps you want to get away from this person?  Or, I would even suggest calling the authorities and charging them with assault.

Anonymous asked: Do you think it's okay for a woman to NOT shave off her pubic hair?

It’s really interesting to me that people think there’s an “okay” and a “not okay” way for women to behave - particularly when it concerns their body.

Look, it’s your body.  You decide what you want to do with it.

I get that a lot of my followers are young women who are discovering who they are at this point in their life.  I really hope that if any of you take anything away from this blog - it’s that you are already f***ing amazing exactly as you are!!

You don’t need anybody to validate your choices (although it’s always a good idea to bounce ideas off of someone who respect).  Respect yourself and strive to be the person you’d want history to know you as.

And as to whether it’s “okay” for a woman to not shave their pubes — OF COURSE IT’S OKAY!!  That’s how you were made!  If that’s how you want to be then rock it!

Nothing wrong with fuzzy underpants. :)

Anonymous asked: What is your favorite disney movie?

I’m sure there are a bunch, but from the Pixar / Disney era —

The Incredibles.

Anonymous asked: Are you coming to Youmacon this year ?

I have not been invited, nor is it on my schedule currently.

Anonymous asked: do you think it's ok for a woman to shave off her pubic hair ?

Why wouldn’t it be “okay”?  Of course it is.

I think it’s okay for a woman to do what she wants with her body.

Anonymous asked: Are you going to do another video AMA in May and are you going to any anime conventions this year and can you say what conventions you will be attending ?


Anonymous asked: When you were single, what would you do if you found out a woman you had started dating had slept with like 100 guys before you?

So what?

It doesn’t matter if you’re partner #101, if just matters that there’s no #102 — well, for some people.  Others are cool with an open relationship.

Listen - a person is the product of the sum of their experiences.  What you do in your life informs and makes up who you are.  So, it stands to reason that if you like someone, you have to embrace the experiences that made them who they are.  Without any of them and they might not be the person that you fell for.  Therefore, without any of their previous partners and they might not be the exact person you’re dating.

Personally, I always liked a girl with experience.  Partner totals never bothered me in the least.  Also, I’m not much of a jealous person in that way.

I realize a lot of men’s egos are wrapped up in this issue, but seriously, a strong, confident man shouldn’t care about other guys.  She’s with you for a reason, so be the best reason you can be.

Anonymous asked: Do you think women should be shaved and waxed and plucked? Are you anti-hair, pro-hair, or don't care? ;)

I’m pro-whatever a woman feels she’s most comfortable doing.

I do think it’s weird that it’s come to be viewed as “gross” when women don’t shave or wax as though it’s not natural to be manicured. 

Hair is natural baby!  If that’s how you’re happy, you rock those follicles!

I’ve met women with no hair who are incredibly sexy and I’ve met many women with hair that are incredibly sexy!

Rock who you are and you’ll be sexy.

Dolly Parton singing Jolene slowed down to 33 RPM.  Amazing!  Love Dolly!

I think pornstars are often misunderstood …

Of course, that’s probably because they have someone else’s junk in their mouths.