Anonymous asked: Your son uses the same expression as you do lol. Father like son

All my kids have a pretty good glare from their dad.

pattywarbucks asked: I was just scrolling thru and caught a glimpse of something about you have your ween pierced? For realzies? And if so, what are the pros and cons? I myself am more of a tattoo type, piercings weird me out (not including my ears)


Long time ago.

It was called a frenum piercing.  People say that serve purpose, but really it’s all about the look.

shadowfallrising asked: Hey, Richard, did you catch the blood moon eclipse last night?

I did not.

But I mooned someone and they went red with anger.  Does that count?

Anonymous asked: did you see the moon last night felt like watching princess kaguya coming out to steal kagome

Suuuure …


My wife rocking the duck face: mom edition.

My wife rocking the duck face: mom edition.

ashleejeanconlin asked: hey Richard i did but i don't live with my mother and she never got married so i don't have a father i just have my grandmother and i did tell her after i screamed and cried i was very upset she took my side and everything i just wish she would send my sister away she is crazy and needs to get the belt to her butt do you know i hardly come out of my room i brush my teeth in my room and i go pee in there and i eat in my room i am trapped until my grandmother gets home

Hmm … Sounds tricky.  Well, I guess keep talking to your grandmother about it and see how you can find some middle ground with your sister.

ashleejeanconlin asked: i am having a bad day my sister who took a shower hurt me by digging her nails into my skin cause she thought i was crazy after i told her she should have let her brother go to the bathroom just close the shower curtain but she wouldn't listen and told me i was crazy and threatened to call the cops on me i didn't even do anything wrong i just wanted the phone and thats when she grabbed it and dugg her nails into me and then pounced on me so her towel came off,then she pushed me i ran upstairs

Maybe you should talk to your parents about this …

Anonymous asked: When was the last time you man-scaped?

Funny you should ask.  I’m doing so right n—YEEEEEOOOOWWWWW!!!!!

MOTHERFLIPPINGF@#$ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HOOOOLLLLLLYMARYMOTHEROFPEARLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: I have a feeling you're very good at flirting.

I am very good at being charming.

I am the Michelangelo of overtly comical awkward flirting.

Anonymous asked: If I ever have the pleasure of attending a convention where you are a guest I will be sure to wear sandals just for you. ;)

Why thank you, you scamp, you!

I shall be sure to give them my best surreptitious glance.