fangirl-who-dreams said: Richard what are your latest projects you're working on? Movies/tv/Schmuck in a Car?

Recording a couple of new prelay series and directing a movie! :)

Anonymous said: I know you get lots of embarrassing questions about your body and particularly your "privates", but can I just say I love that you answer them truthfully (I think) even though you make a joke out of it? I'm not a guy, but I deal with body issues every day like most girls. I worry about my boobs being too little or my butt being too big or whatever, but every time I see one of my heroes saying he's not perfect either it make me happy. Is that weird?

It’s not weird at all!

Thanks for your kind words.  :)  I try to be honest about every thing body related mostly because I know how many people do deal with body issues.  Nobody feels perfect about themselves, but I’ve found that if you’re honest with yourself, own whatever you might be giving yourself a hard time over and embrace it, the issue goes away.  Easier said than done sometimes, but you get better at it with age.  Good luck! :)

Anonymous said: In the second Inuyasha movie when Kaguya is turning Inuyasha into a full demon, how bad did your throat hurt after all that growling!?

Badly enough. :)

ashleejeanconlin said: Hey Richard I am so excited cause I might get to be an extra in a movie and it's right where I live first I have to get an agent also I am sorry I can't be in your movie if I lived in Canada i would be there in a heartbeat but don't be sad cause your awesome and I love you lots have an awesome day !

Thanks and congrats!

catiebc said: It's my birthday today and my new friend from school got me something awesome. :)

Happy Birthday!

shesheroinlove said: I heard you were the helicopter pilot in the first ghostrider. True/false? Did you meet Nick Cage?

True.  I did not meet Nick Cage.

Anonymous said: please tell me that you like classic rock? Zeppelin? The Doors? Floyd?

Yup.  The Doors are my favorite.

Anonymous said: How did it feel when you voiced the scene when Kikyo died?

Like closure.  The story had come full circle.

Anonymous said: Why do you think you get so many questions about your wang?

Probably for the same reason women get so many questions about their boobs …

sangoslayer said: Can you make a video of you reading inuyasha fanfictions??😂😂

Nnnnnnnooooot right now …